Who is babein

Once upon a time there was a super stylin babe. She lived a life of adventure, spreading fabulousness wherever she went. She laughed, cried, travelled, danced, conversed, shared, created and inspired. She let life's wonders fill her to the brim. Then one day she set out on her next great adventure, becoming a mumma...

How it all began

babein creator Anne Freeman is no shrinking violet.  When she became a mumma in 2015 a good friend and fellow babe introduced her to the wonders of babywearing. There was only one problem. The babywearing wraps on the market were B-to-the-ORING! What's more, they covered her completely fabulous outfit in layers of 'meh'. "UNACCEPTABLE!", she cried, and set about designing a small range of super stylin printed babywearing wraps so that she and her fellow babein mummas and bub-wranglers could babe around town with their bubs and get on with the serious business of winning at life.


Why stretch is best for new bubs

A stretchy wrap is the best way to replicate the environment your bub has been in for the last 9 months and there are no buckles or straps to dig into the softest skin imaginable. The bonding experience of remaining close to mumma or another loved-one - smelling your scent, feeling the warmth of your skin, hearing the sound of your heartbeat, your voice, your breathing and feeling your movements – provides the gentlest possible transition from womb to world.


100% Handmade in Australia

babein wraps are proudly made in Melbourne, Australia from Australian-made fabric. Each wrap is lovingly hand-crafted to the highest quality and with a minimal environmental footprint by the skilled team at The Social Studio in Collingwood.
The Social Studio is a safe place of belonging that strives to create awareness and change public perceptions for people who have experienced being a refugee. They create professional development and opportunity for young members of the community who are most in need of a voice, mode of expression and agency.

If that gives you a healthy does of the warm and fuzzies then you can further support The Social Studio by making a donation here.

100% Certified Organic Cotton/Spandex

babein wraps are designed to transport the most precious cargo, so it’s only fitting that they should be made from the softest, purest fabric on the planet. The benefits of using certified organic cotton include better health for consumers and farmers, environmental conservation and sustainability and, last but not least, the soft texture of the fabric. Certified Organic cotton means that throughout the entire manufacturing process from field to fabric to printing there are no toxic fertilisers or chemicals used.