Not another f@#king chevron print!

StyleAnne Freeman

Have you noticed how much chevron print is in "baby-land"? Don't get me wrong. I like a chevron print as much as the next girl. But, as mothers, when did chevron print become our only option? From nappy bags to pram liners to blankets to dribble bibs, chevron print is everywhere. Are we to assume that all the stylish and sassy woman who become mothers have the style-centre of their brains expelled in the birthing suite along with the placenta and all of a sudden chevron print is the only thing that appeals to us? Why is everything so uninspired?

For me, uninspiring baby-wrangling tools are not only unappreciated, they're unnecessary. I believe that good design is right in the sweet spot of that holy-trinity style/comfort/functionality. When it comes to footwear, for instance, I don't believe that if you want comfort you have to don Crocs (which I'm told are very comfortable) and if you want style you have to strap on a vampy stiletto. 

Becoming a mumma doesn't mean that all the other parts of who you are disappear. You're still the same fabulous creature you ever where, it's just that now you have a little person in your life. It's less "brand new formula" and more "now with bonus baby!"

The good news is that if you seek out the less-ordinary, you will find an abundance of cleverly designed, super-stylish, life-enhancing products, so many of which are actually the brain-children of cluey mummas. Because not only are we the mothers of babies. We're also the mothers of invention.