The mumma... that nearly wasn't

All about AnneAnne Freeman
Davis & Anne (AKA Davie & Annie)

I was never meant to be a mother, let alone the proud owner of a babywearing fashion label.

You see, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) when I was 22 years old, 14 years ago. At the time, my first question was "will I be able to have children?". I was told 'yes' but came to understand, over time, just how crucial good blood glucose control is during pregnancy. Despite my best efforts, my control wasn't perfect and to me, less than perfect just wasn't going to be good enough. So my boyfriend became my husband and we got on with creating a full life, without children.

Then in late 2014 we accidentally happened upon a science program called Catalyst which was featuring the Low Carb/High Fat (LCHF) way of eating, we researched further. I recall one quote explaining that those diagnosed with T1D these days are advised to treat themselves by eating a lot of carbs and then injecting a lot of insulin. He likened it to fighting a fire by dousing it in a combination of water and petrol. That was my lightbulb moment! For more than a decade I had experienced the highs and lows of that exact philosophy. Cut to a week later and I had changed my diet, cutting out all carbs including most fruit and starchy vege, and achieved perfect blood glucose control with barely any effort and while eating foods I loved (hello cheese!). Just over a month later I was pregnant and now we have Davis (Davie to his pals). Quite frankly, he's a tiny little legend. He's only 9 months old but he's got an absolute cracker of a personality and the world shines brighter for everyone around him. If it hadn't been for LCHF, quite simply, Davie wouldn't exist.

 Being pregnant was challenging, with my insulin requirements continually changing I resolved to micro-manage my blood glucose, testing my blood around 12 times per 24 hour period and administering up to 7 or 8 injections a day.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I also began seeing an acupuncturist regularly which helped with my energy levels and general wellbeing. The overarching idea, however, was to avoid being medically induced into labour at 38 weeks, which is the policy for all T1Ds regardless of blood glucose control. My main concern was that my body wouldn't be ready and I'd end up needing an emergency caesarian section.

At around 32 weeks my acupuncturist began "getting my body ready" and gradually increased the intensity of treatment as the weeks progressed. At 37 weeks I got the "full whammy" of induction acupuncture, 3 times! And sure enough, on the morning that I was booked in to be induced, I went into spontaneous labour. And although I did end up having my waters broken and a syntocinon administered to speed things up after many hours labouring, in the end, out popped Davie slimy and squishy and beautiful! 

LCHF literally changed mine, and my husband's, life in the most profound way possible.