Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my order? How much does shipping cost? What about returns?

You can get the low-down on lead times and shipping info on our SHIPPING & RETURNS page.

Why do I need a stretchy wrap?

When it comes to newborn bubs, we believe stretch is best.

A stretchy wrap is the best way to replicate the environment your bub has been in for the last 9 months and there are no buckles or straps to dig into the softest skin imaginable. The bonding experience of remaining close to you - smelling your scent, feeling the warmth of your skin, hearing the sound of your heartbeat, your voice, your breathing and feeling your movements – provides the gentlest possible transition from womb to world.   

I’ve been told that structured carriers can be used from newborn upwards, why shouldn’t I just use one of those?

A lot of structured carriers on the market claim that they can be used from newborn upwards, often by purchasing an additional infant insert. However, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Product Safety website, “child safety experts do not recommend carrying children less than four months old in framed carriers” as they pose the risk of “neck injuries, finger traps and pinching in a framed carrier, especially infants less than four or five months old.”

Most mummas also agree that a new bub is still totally lost in these big carriers, even with an infant insert. The optimum position for maximum comfort for mumma and bub is a nice hug-like firmness. A babein stretchy wrap enables your bub to be held firmly against your body. This ensures that bub’s spine is supported and kept straight, not compressed into a ‘C’, and mumma’s back isn’t strained by gaping weight.

These structured types of carriers should be saved for later on when bubs have developed a strong neck and some core strength. In fact, they’re a great option for when bub outgrows your babein stretchy wraps.                                                                        

What are the benefits of babywearing?

Um, how long have you got! Have a read of our BABYWEARING page.

How can I ensure I am safely using a babein wrap?

Have a look-see at our instructional GET IT ON video. Ideally you should practice with a doll or teddy before taking your own bub out for a spin. For the first few times wearing your bub we recommend having a partner to help you with placing bub into the wrap. You may also find it helpful to use a mirror.

And be sure to follow the TICKS guidelines for safe babywearing.

What’s the age or weight range a babein wrap can be used for?

babein wraps can be used immediately. In fact, why not take yours with you to the birth? It’s a wonderful way to maximise your skin to skin bonding. Because the wrap entirely covers your upper body you can be nuddy or minimally dressed while bub is just in a nappy.

babein wraps are designed to mainly be used in the first year of your bub’s life, typically until they reach around 12-14 kg. 

Can babein wraps be used for premmie bubs?

Using a babein wrap can be a wonderful tool when practicing Kangaroo Care.

Please seek advice from medical practitioners before wearing your premmie bub in a wrap. And, as with all bubs, it is essential that you ensure you follow the TICKS guidelines for safe wearing.

How should I dress myself and my bub while wearing a babein wrap?

You should treat your wrap as one layer of clothing for you and your bub. If the weather would normally call for a tank top and a shirt, you might want to ditch the tank. The same goes for your bub. In hot weather you can consider popping your bub into the wrap wearing just a nappy, while you wear a light tank or Tee. In hot weather it is advisable to have a single light layer of natural fabric (cotton, linen, bamboo, silk) between you so you don’t get clammy.

In cold weather you can don a loose-cut coat that will cover both of you. But remember, bub’s head, just like yours, should not be covered by the coat!

If you're dressing your bub in a onesie or trousers, ensure they are footless. Or, if the outfit has feet enclosed, ensure the trouser legs are long enough that bub's toes aren't squashed once they are positioned within the wrap. This may require that bub's outfit is a size bigger than they would normally need.

I’m a plus size babe, can I rock a babein wrap?

Hell yeah you can mumma! Simply tie off the tails at the centre back, rather than wrapping them once more to front. Check out our GET IT ON vid for more info.

I’m a baby-wrangling dude, can I wear a babein wrap?

You sure can fella! Here at babein we talk a lot about mummas but dads and other baby-wranglers can totally get on board the babein band wagon. There are unisex designs and colours to choose from and we think there's nothing better than babywearing men-folk.

Can my baby forward face in a babein wrap?

No, in fact we don’t recommend that bubs forward face in any carrier as prolonged durations may contribute to hip dysplasia.

Can my bub be back or side carried in a babein wrap?

Nope, sorry babe. Stretchy wraps really aren’t designed for these types of carries. Also, bubs need to be able to sit independently before these types of carries can be attempted with a woven wrap or structured carrier, never a stretchy.

Can I carry twins in a babein wrap?

Nope, sorry babe. Stretchy wraps really aren’t designed to carry more than one bub at a time.

Can I breastfeed in a babein wrap?

You sure can, simply loosen the wrap and move bub down. Monitor your bub throughout feeding to ensure they have clear airways and immediately recreate the recommended carry position once they’re done boobin. Mummas should be experienced and confident at both breastfeeding and babywearing before attempting this.

Alternatively, you can remove your bub and remain wearing the wrap while you're feeding so you can pop them back in once they’re done boobin.

How do I remove my bub from the wrap?

Do not untie your wrap, simply pull down the front panel and separate the crossed over passes and lift your bub up and out. Remember to support newbie bubs’ heads. Take a look at our GET IT ON vid for further tips.

Your wrap can remain on you all day if you wish, simply pop your bub in and out as required between feeding and nappy changes. Please remember to check the tension of your wrap to ensure that your bub is correctly and snuggly positioned every time.

Can I continue babywearing once my bub has outgrown my babein wrap?

You sure can, for years in fact! There are a number of different options for babywearing older bubs, toddlers and little kids. In our opinion the most convenient, quick and comfortable are soft structured carriers. There are also woven wraps or ring slings to consider so you might like to find a babywearing meet up in your area where you can try on various types of carriers, wraps and slings and seek advice from seasoned babywearing aficionados. 

Where are babein wraps made?

babein wraps are 100% Australian made. Read all about it here.

What are babein wraps made from?

babein wraps are made from Certified Organic cotton/Spandex. Read all about it here.

What if my bub chews on the wrap? Is it safe?

You bet it's safe mumma! babein wraps are printed using a Nano Pigment Ink, the Ink is water based and free from harmful chemicals. 

How should I care for my babein wrap?

You should wash your babein wrap the same way you would your favourite T-shirt. Cold gentle machine wash with like garments or individually. Do not soak, wring, rub, bleach, tumble-dry or dry clean. We also recommend that you pre-wash your wrap before first use.