While there are no official safety standards for baby carriers in Australia, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission do not recommend structured carriers for babies under 4 months of age. This makes babein stretchy wraps the ideal solution from birth onwards. Check out our GET IT ON page for correct usage and essential safety information. 

We're super proud to report that our wraps are recommended by medical practitioners and childcare professionals alike. Here's what one superstar of her field has to say:

"As a paediatric physiotherapist I often get asked questions about the best methods for parents to carry their baby – from the point of view of the health of their baby as well as their own backs. 
Similar to other baby carriers, babein wraps help to maintain the naturally flexed posture of newborn babies and (of particular importance) help to encourage a flexed and abducted hip position, placing the legs in the best position to aid development of the hip joints. babein wraps are made from a lighter and more stretchy cotton than other carriers, which means that your baby can push against it, helping to develop muscle strength and allowing them some ability to move and self-adjust limbs for comfort; this feature also means that babein wraps are ultimately lighter, placing less stress on the parent.
Unlike other carriers, babein wraps can be easily modified to fit newborn babies without the need for extra inserts or pieces, therefore making it easier to take on and off. Moreover, the thoughtful design of babein wraps means that there is less material to be tied which further assists in the ease of use. The design of babein wraps mean that they are easily adjustable for any shape or size, without the need to fiddle with straps or clips.
The design of babein wraps distributes the load of the baby across shoulders, abdomen and lower back of the parent/caregiver therefore minimising the risk of back or shoulder injury. From a physiotherapy perspective I feel it is much safer to carry a child central to your body rather than holding them to one side across your hip or in your arms. babein wraps help to keep your child’s weight close to your body, ensuring less change in your centre of gravity, thereby improving the balance of the parent compared to placing the baby to one side. In addition, babein wraps allow the parent/caregiver to have both of their hands free to complete tasks, minimising overuse of one arm and therefore decreasing the risk of injury."


Dr Brooke Adair

B.Physio (hons), PhD